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Keep Your Business Cards and Small Knick-Knacks in a Stylish Way. This exquisite box is your etui for storing business cards and other small cherished items in a clever and whimsy way. Also, the impressive gear mechanism at the top imparts it a visual appeal and makes it different from ordinary storage boxes. As all other Ugears products, this box is also made of wooden material and can be assembled without any glue or chemicals. Each part exemplifies quality and precision. Every component is precisely laser cut from high quality plywood sheets and incorporates a patented joint design for easy assembly and better sturdiness.
Mechanical Magic for Your Home or Office. First of all, this box is a real charmer and eye-catching with its gear assembly. Viewers will get attracted towards it instantaneously out of curiosity wondering what this entire machinery is all about. Push the side lever slightly and the box raises all by itself, tilts and its lid gets opened revealing all the inside contents. It provides a smart and unique way to offer your business cards to your guests and visitors and a fun way to store and flaunt your favourite trinkets.
Efficacy with Style Cube Wooden Puzzle. The kit includes two front panels that are interchangeable – one facilitates easy access to keeping and taking out business cards while the other one holds your small items and protects them from spilling out. This Treasure Box emanates quaintness and antique charm and is fun to assemble. Also, it is quite useful to keep your small items well in place.

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