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The Lie Detector game is ridiculously fun and might shock you when you discover what your friends really think. The voice analysis in this adult party game is designed to detect subtleties in a person’s voice to help you discover who’s telling the truth, and who’s not. Player in the hot seat is asked high-stakes Yes or No questions such as, If you found out your friend committed a horrible crime, would you turn them in? Create your own bombshell fill-in-the-blank Yes or No questions such as Would you ever ____ in an elevator? or make up any Yes or No question you want! Keep in mind that the unit’s voice analysis technology won’t work as well when asking insignificant questions such as Is the sky blue? Keep the questions high-stakes. Keep them juicy. Tell the truth and earn points; a lie gives the point to your opponent. After everyone has been in the hot seat, the player with the most points wins.

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