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The intelligent, friendly, and devoted Golden Retriever gets its start as a playful puppy, and even the puppies show an amazing aptitude toward training and companionship. Golden Retrievers are the third-most popular breed in the United States.

  • Scientific Name: Canis familiaris
  • Characteristics: This playful-looking Golden Retriever puppy looks like it’s trotting to its owner or chasing a ball. Both are possible with this amicable, popular breed.
  • Size and Color: With a slightly lighter golden color than the adult, this Golden Retriever Puppy still shines, and its realistic facial features and fur texture add to the lifelikeness. It’s 2 ¾ inches long, about the same as a computer mouse.
  • The Golden Retriever Puppy is part of the Best in Show collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

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