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PIXIO-400 presents: 400 blocks in ten different colors. Rounding out the eight colors from PIXIO-200 are orange and light brown, key additions for a full building range. Orange makes your figures even more expressive and vibrant, bringing its freshness and energy to them. Light brown unlocks a fuller range of human skin tones, as well as new species of animals and birds. Another exciting feature of PIXIO-400 is that it gives you enough blocks to create mini storylines! Use 62 PIXIO blocks to create a boy. Like any child, all he’s ever wanted is a dog, and there are enough PIXIO blocks left to make him a beagle of his very own. If a dog seems like too much responsibility at this stage, use 74 PIXIO blocks to build him a cactus for a start. With PIXIO, everything’s just like real life.

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