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It’s a slime party, and your little slime fanatic is invited! With Play-Doh Foam and 4 different kinds of Play-Doh slime in this 6-pack, there’s plenty of silly slimy and foamy fun to go around. 2 cans of Play-Doh Krackle slime has beads mixed in for a satisfying crackle in your hands. 1 can of Super Cloud fluffy slime has a delightfully light texture that feels like a cloud in your hands, and Super Stretch stretchy slime goes to amazing lengths! The foam beads and airy texture of Play-Doh Foam bring a different feel to the mix, and classic Play-Doh slime brings the goopy, slimy fun we all know and love. This slime variety box makes a great gift for kids 3 years and up, or just a satisfying activity for a play date, party, or anytime!

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