Pandemic- State of Emergency


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Pandemic RISING TIDE board game. Play is Cooperative! Ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 players, playtime approximately 45 minutes. Must have the base PANDEMIC to play this expansion. Compatible with On the Brink and In the Lab. This Expansion contains: 5 Role cards, 5 Pawns, 7 Event cards, 6 Quarantine cards, 2 Hinterlands boards, 18 transparent disks, 1 Hinterlands Die, 10 Emergency Event cards, 4 Reference cards, 4 Vaccine factories, 24 Vaccine Doses, 2 Superbug Infection Cards, 8 Superbug Bonus cards, 1 revised Role card, 24 purple disease cubes, 1 cure marker and 1 cure indicator card. 5 New Roles and 7 New Events!

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