Neoballs- Rose Gold 864 Set


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The simple beauty of a rubicund sheen make these angel-kissed Neoballs some of the most coveted that we offer. Get a full view of the depth of coy, true Rose Gold. Rose Gold in all its forms features an exquisite blend of copper and gold. These extremely strong magnet spheres are no exception.

These two tones indicate both softness and prestige, but nickel Neoballs with Rose Gold plating only indicate prestige: These Neoballs will not corrode, making them just as tough and as sparkly as you are.

Our super-shiny dusty pink electro magnet spheres tend to be sturdier than their Coated counterparts, however, gold is the only one less impacted by kneading. They are still susceptible to impacts, being dropped or rough kneading. Nickel tends to be the strongest.

The Prettiest Neoballs of Them All Comes with:

  • 864 Rose Gold Neoballs (5mm) Magnet Spheres
  • Child Safe Case
  • Quick Build Guide
  • The bitter envy of everyone whose stylist once tried (and failed at) bright pink, somehow thinking it would fade into the Rose Gold without understanding a metallic hair dye was NECESSARY for the color’s full effect

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Zen Magnets/Neoballs

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