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The Thames & Kosmos Nanotechnology Experiment Kit is an engaging introduction to the cutting-edge world of nanotechnology and how it is being used to improve our lives. Very smalll nanoparticles can be applied to surfaces for improvements such as anti-fogging mirrors and lenses, and coatings on ships to prevent algae growth. They can also be added or mixed in with items to enhance their performance, such as the UV protection in skin lotions and self-cleaning house paint.

Users begin by considering the size of the nanoparticles and work up to using real nanoparticles to see how they can be used to improve everyday products. This kit is great for communicating how science is used in everyday life and helps spark an interest in chemistry.

The Nanotechnology Experiment Kit kit includes more than 60 pieces, plus a full-color, 72-page manual. You provide some common household items.

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