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220 Trick Magic Set with everything a magician needs to put on a spectacular show. Easy to follow instructions are designed for beginning and intermediate magicians ages 7 and up. Includes magic wand, cups, balls, tubes, bottles, rabbits, magician’s cards, handkerchief, magic box, levitating tool, magic hat, lunch box, rings, and lots more. Learn classic tricks including pulling a handkerchief out of a hat, levitating wand, pass balls through cups and much more street and parlor magic to amaze your family and friends. Many parents and teachers have noted that children who practice the art of magic improve their self-esteem, hand and eye coordination, reading comprehension, public speaking, critical thinking and even school grades. The dedication and practice of learning magic can also develop a strong foundation for your child’s work ethic. Recommended for children 7 years of age and older. Includes 62 magic trick pieces and instruction booklet with instructions for 220 magic tricks.

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