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Run through the woods with this Red Fox stuffed animal and go on the adventure of a lifetime Red Foxes in the wild make dens for themselves and their families You can do this with your Huggers Red Fox stuffed toy making a home for all your stuffed animals Huggers plush animals also make great snuggle buddies that you can curl up to under a blanket or snuggle in the car with them These adorable little plushies are the perfect size toy to go any and everywhere Huggers kids toys make wonderful additions to any bedroom decor You can even throw a stuffed animal party with a Huggers plush toy Huggers kids toys make great birthday gifts for kids because they are a plush toy and slap bracelet all in one Huggers plush toys inspire kids to use their imaginations and create new ways to play Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979 with unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals

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