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Get kids excited about building and STEM with the HEXBUG Robotics Kit. It includes over 350 pieces that easily snap together to form a six-legged spider bug robot. This is controlled by a central brain that is programmable for autonomous drive or may be remote-controlled. The HEXBUG vex robotics construction features 64 different programming variations so kids can watch the different movement behaviors possible. When driving itself, it uses distance sensors, infrared light and its maneuvering abilities to avoid obstacles in its path. A series of switches on the brain, flipped into different configurations, determine programmed behavior of the unit. The legs are powered by interlocking gears to create a unique walking motion. The Spider is also cross-compatible with other VEX robotics kits (sold separately) so builders can come up with their own creations. This kit is recommended for ages 8 and up.It is both a fun activity and an engaging teaching tool on engineering and robotics.

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