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Bigfoot was there all this time! Just add water and wait for the Hairy One to reveal itself as it cracks through the tree stump. Full-grown Bigfoots can vary in size, depending on several factors like water and room temperatures, altitude, etc.; but on average they grow to about 6” to 7”. Best growing practices: * Use cold water to grow your Bigfoot (filtered, if possible) * Drain off old water and replace it with fresh cold water every other day * Bigfoot will begin growing inside the stump within 12-24 hours * It may take a few days for Bigfoot to crack through the tree stump * Bigfoot may look a little misshapen at first, be patient and wait * Bigfoot will continue to grow for 3-10 days before reaching final size * Once removed from water, Bigfoot will (slowly) shrink back to original size * While the tree stump is single-use, you can re-grow Bigfoot again and again

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