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The 7th edition Rio Grande Games Dominion Dark Ages Expansion has 500 new cards that address the central themes of trash and upgrades. There are cards that do something when trashed and cards that care about the trash in your kingdom. There are also cards that upgrade themselves and cards that allow you to upgrade other cards. You will have to employ fresh strategies with this Dominion expansion game. It adds 35 new Kingdom cards plus bad cards you can give to other players (Ruins). The Dominion card game allows you to expand your territory and slow your opponents down. These new cards can replace your starting estates, and there are cards you can only get using other cards. Add a new twist to the tactical board game with this Rio Grande Games Dominion Dark Ages Expansion.

Rio Grande Games Dominion Dark Ages Expansion:

  • Expansion to Dominion (sold separately)
  • Not a standalone game
  • Adds depth and complexity to the Dominion card game
  • Includes 500 cards
  • Central themes include how to deal with trash and how to upgrade
  • 35 new kingdom cards
  • Includes cards you can give to your opponents to slow them down
  • Cards that upgrade other cards
  • Players focus on different aspects of the game
  • Adds additional playing strategies
  • You can replace your starting estates
  • Expand your territory
  • Add hours of new gameplay
  • 7th edition
  • Tactical board game

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