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This stuffed snow leopard cub is ready to leave its mama and make some new friends! If you need an awesome cuddle buddy or a fun plush playtime companion then the Cuddlekins Snow Leopard Cub Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic is a great choice! This plush snow leopard cub measures approximately twelve inches tall and, like all Cuddlekins, it is extremely durable and extra huggable. You and your Cuddlekins snow leopard cub can take on any adventure, tackle any challenge, or do absolutely nothing together. As long as your plush snow leopard cub is by your side you are sure to be happy no matter what you are doing. Who would have thought that the key to happiness was a snow leopard cub stuffed animal? Seems pretty obvious now though, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that you’ve gone this long without one. What were you thinking and, more importantly, what are you waiting for now? This stuffed snow leopard cub isn’t going to wait around for you forever. It’s got things to do, places to see, people to meet, and happiness to spread. You had better get it while you can!

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