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Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and have a look at the Cuddlekins Orca Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic. You won’t be able to look away! How could you? This plush orca is as attractive as a glass of water in the desert sun. You’ll love all twelve of its adorable inches. It’s as cuddly as the day is long and as soft as the law allows. That’s right, this orca stuffed animal toes the line between legally soft and too soft to be safe for human cuddlesumption. If it was any more cuddly, you could only handle it in international waters! That’s a Wild Republic Cuddlekins stuffed animal for you. These things define the Art of the Cuddle. We wouldn’t steer you wrong but you don’t have to trust us. You can find out for yourself. Before you reach for your pocketbook, let’s talk about that realistic coloring. This stuffed orca is lifelike enough to please avid animal experts but not so much that it looks like it belongs in a museum. There is a such thing as too much reality. A real orca sounds nice but this is as close as you really need to get to cuddling one. Trust us, you want a cuddly plush companion! Now, one at a time, gather around and get your very own Cuddlekins Orca Stuffed Animal!

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