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Cows are everywhere and for good reason, we use them on For dairy products and food in general. Hey; we even love having them as mascots. Did you know cows spend 8 hours a day just grazing on food or on average a cow can consume 30 to 50 gallons of water per day? Whether you were born on a farm or just went to one on a class field trip, cows have been a part of your life One way or another. Love Farm animals or plush toys in general? This realistic stuffed animal will bring the ambiance of a farm straight into your home without the smell or maintenance. Plush animals make fantastic toys for toddlers; all the way up to grandparents. Each plushier has an interesting and fun fact tag attached to the animal. Stuffed toys are so cuddly, one embrace and it is hard to put it down. They become a great sleeping buddy at night and a fun friend during the day. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With a unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

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