Bruder- MAN TGA Crane Truck


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Your little construction tot will lift and lower all of their playroom equipment with this handy dandy Bruder Toys MAN Crane Truck. This yellow crane is fully-functional, durable, and will provide hours of fun at the construction site. It has a realistic, height-adjustable crane with 360 degrees of swiveling action. The crane lowers and retracts through child-operating power cranking and acts like a real crane truck. It has stabilizing legs that help lift the truck’s light and heavy loads with smooth and quiet operation. The incredibly detailed cabin tilts to display an engine and a toolbox and has folding cabin mirrors and real-life tread tires. Be prepared for your little one to be entertained for hours on end in the playroom and get dirty at the construction site helping out the crew with the Bruder Toys MAN Crane Truck.

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