Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation


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Harness the power of magnets and get a big dose of scientific learning!

With seven ring magnets and a variety of high-quality supplies, work your way through seven fascinating experiments that completely defy gravity.

Make a pencil spin while floating in mid air. Create a model UFO that flies randomly over an Earth-disk of magnets.

Build an anti-gravity sculpture that holds a metal bolt in mid-air, or try your hand at a magnetic weight scale, compass, and sprint.

You can even build a model of a Maglev personal transporter, based on the principals of the famous Maglev Train.

With easy-to-understand instructions and packed with real scientific lessons, the 4M Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation kit attracts kids like magnets to the excitement of science!

4M Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation

  • Experiment kit for building magnetic devices
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, an interest in science
  • Powerful magnets provide real, amazing results
  • Kit builds into 7 amazing models
  • Models include Random Propelling Machine, Anti Gravity Sculpture, Magnetic Weight Scale, Magnetic Compass, The Floating Spinner, Magnetic Spring, Maglev Personal Transporter
  • Kids learn exactly how the Maglev Train works, hands-on
  • Includes graphic template (compass, earth, spaceman), thin rod with ring, hexagonal rod, round rod, sticker, UFO body, string, pointer, copper washer, 10 nuts, 7 ring magnets, enclosure, divider, weighing pan, string attachment, axle, support arm, baseplate
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions included
  • Requires adhesive tape – not included
  • High quality materials build into high quality science experiments
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